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bianco tartufi, the project

The bianco tartufi project was born from a deep passion for the territory and in particular for the truffle

The truffle, representative and protagonist of Piedmont for centuries, through the narrated legends and the seasonal rarity has become the subject of international study and a source of pride for Alba and the whole region.

Who we are
A detail of one of our truffle beds

A detail of one of our truffle beds

natural and experimental truffle grounds

We recover forgotten areas, where spontaneous vegetation reigns

The Langhe wine-growing landscape with its rows of vines leaves less and less space for the natural wood.

Truffle grounds


search for white and black truffles

We make you experience the thrill of the truffle hunting by yourself

To tell about our work, the truffle and its legends we have decided to give our customers the chance to experience the search of black and white truffles.

Truffle search
Our white Alba truffles

Our white Alba truffles

high quality truffles

The truffle is nice to look for, to know it, but above all to taste it

We attach great importance to the direct sale of our products, ensuring the highest quality to our customers. Our keywords: freshness, origin and price.

Direct sales

natural and experimental truffle grounds

We try to keep the biodiversity of the undergrowth unchanged

Being trifulau and truffle growers means having all the forests and natural areas of our area at heart.

Populus nigra

Populus nigra