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About us

Bianco Tartufi, the project

The Bianco Tartufi project was born from a deep passion for the territory and in particular for the truffle

The truffle is representative and protagonist of Piedmont for centuries; through the narrated legends and the seasonal rarity of this product it has become the subject of international study, and a source of pride for Alba and the whole region.

Marta, Daniele, Bianca, Pico

Marta, Daniele, Bianca, Pico

The family tradition, the desire for innovation and the love for this land, led me to realise the idea of Bianco Tartufi: a project by the Cascina Molino farm, of which I, Daniele, am the conductor and farmer. With my girlfriend, Marta, we decided to spread the culture of a product that many have tasted but few really know. Our mission is to share our knowledge on everything related to this precious mushroom, so mysterious and fascinating.