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The lagotto del marcorelio

The breed

The Lagotto del Marcorelio is a Lagotto romagnolo breeding and training center for truffle dogs. We are located in the hills of Roero area, in Macellai, a small village located between Alba and Bra. In this area (the Roero) grows the Alba white truffle "Rocche del Roero", the first cru dedicated to truffles.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog specialized in the search for truffles on any type of terrain; it is the only breed in the world that specializes in the search for the precious mushroom. Typical water dog, of medium-small size, it is a light mesomorph with a square trunk; the general appearance is rustic, strong and well-proportioned, its functionality can be sensed in the work. The expression is alert, intelligent and lively. While working he exhibits passion and efficiency, taking advantage of his innate aptitude for searching and excellent sense of smell. The hunting instinct has been canceled, so he is not distracted by the game. Affectionate and very close to his master, he is also an excellent companion dog, very trainable. The Lagotto Romagnolo, with a sober character like true peasants, has the typical appearance of a dog that comes from the past and the sweet and attentive expression of Italian breed dogs. Observing it, you have a feeling of ancient, archaic things, which have come down to us by miraculous fate, challenging time, history and human events.*

The E.N.C.I. (Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana) has approved the standard of the Lagotto Romagnolo with the following use: “dog specialized in searching for truffles on any type of terrain”. Therefore the Lagotto romagnolo becomes the first and only officially recognized “truffle dog”.

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The lagotto del marcorelio  with Marta and Daniele.

The lagotto del marcorelio with Marta and Daniele.

Schermata 2022-04-04 alle 16.13.51

Schermata 2022-04-04 alle 16.13.51


Our mission is to achieve maximum efficiency without compromising the dog’s well-being. The training method we use is based on the importance of the dog-owner relationship through motivation. After a first free meeting, we create a personalized path based on the qualities of each dog.
Today it is very important to have a more efficient dog than in the past for various reasons such as competition and the drastic decrease in truffles due to the disappearance of the woods, climate change and the lack of interest in the right harvesting method.

The lagotto del marcorelio  with Marta.

The lagotto del marcorelio with Marta.


Genetic is also very important in the transmission of the characteristics for which an individual has been selected. Our dogs come from generations and generations of truffle dogs and our core business is focused on this, but our ethics require us to allocate puppies that are not inclined, predisposed or interested in research, to become companion dogs.

All breeding dog have been tested for genetic diseases and are healthy and non-carriers. We give the puppies between 50 and 70 days depending on the character of the dog (first if he is fearful, later if he is sociable and balanced).

Since animal well-being comes first for us, we reserve the right to arrange a meeting with future owners before give away our Lagotti.


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