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Truffle search

search for black and white truffles

To experience the truffle search experience first hand

To tell about our work, the truffle and its legends we have decided to give our customers the chance to experience the search of black and white truffles.

truffle hunting

truffle hunting

Our research, in addition to taking place in natural truffle grounds according to the growing season and based on the regional harvest calendar, is rich in educational and historical contents, so that you can return home with a real cultural and experiential background on the truffle.

Our research takes place throughout the year, excluding periods when the land becomes difficult to practice due to weather conditions.

The truffles we found

The truffles we found

Each species has its own moment and a particular collection ground , so it will be essential to know your needs to make you experience the best.

As is known, being trifulau is not easy, because truffles often grow in areas that are little traveled or hard to reach. In our woods, in fact, you can live this experience as a tourist or as a true trifulau, meeting the real difficulties faced by searchers with their trusted friends.



Numerous research in groups can be carried out starting from a minimum of 4 people.

We provide a transport service for up to 6 people, but remember that the area can be reached by your own means at the agreed meeting point from which the truffle search .

Truffle harvest calendar

Each species has its precise harvesting time, book your tour based on the type of truffle you want to look for

Tuber Magnatum Pico or white truffle

From September 21st to January 31st

Tuber Melanosporum or precious Black

From December 1st to March 15th

Tuber aestivum or summer truffle

From 1 June to 31 August From 21 September to 30 November

other species

For all other species we do not specify the harvest calendar as it is of less value or not very present in our truffle grounds.

For more information: Piedmont Collection Calendar

Book an experience

Do you want an experience in search of truffles? Write to us to request a tour in our truffle grounds